Photo by Pixabay on Pexels


Videos I've edited have all been done using Adobe Premiere Pro.

This includes animation, audio and editing of original content

Take a Break Bingo

 I started creating videos for the Take a Break Bingo Facebook channel as they wanted to see if they would perform better than their static ads. I came up with the concept for the video, used video stock and audio and created the animations in Premiere Pro.

This video ad performed so well they have asked me to continue to create more videos to target a wider audience.

The second video to the left is another created after the success of the first video this time advertising the welcome offer.

Watch My Video

As part of the BYD campaign, which was for Car and Grazia, they had multiple assets they were doing for there campaigns which I was a part of including emails, digital ads and video.

One of the video teams in Bauer created the main video and then we needed to amend it suitable for other platforms. This included using Premiere Pro to edit the main content, the audio and the end slide.

Olivia Burton

As part of the Olivia Burton campaign they also required video assets for social media. I did a few different collections but the one on the left is for the Celestial collections.

These were used for Instagram and also on a few Digital ads. 


For Todays Golfer they have many clients who use video. One of which is VERTX that you can see here. The video content was originally filmed by the client but they had trouble amending it to suit Youtube adverts and social adverts.

This is where I stepped in an edited the video to set correctly on the chosen platforms.


Mustard Insurance were after a video to use on Youtube and their socials. As you will hear when watching the video audio was a big part of this including a voice over artist. 

The van at the last shot is one drawn for Mustard especially which I do a lot for this brand including illustrated mascots used for their website.