Photo by OVAN on Pexels


All emails designed have been built in Adobe Dreamweaver using HTML coding. Please see below some examples of the emails I have created for Bauer Media.

Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes is a trainer company specifically for runners. They normally have monthly emails with us.

They are a stylish brand and like their emails to project the website they currently have. They tend to do monthly campaigns about the latest release.

Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator played a big part in the email from drawing the icons, to creating the gif ad at the bottom to creating the HTML.

North Face

North Face wanted two emails going to the Bauer customer of Live For The Outdoors and Trail Running. On the left you can see the Live for the Outdoor version.

North Face is known for solid colours and sleek design which is exactly what I've gone for here. The images sent were great and used them in different styles throughout.

When it goes to mobile the images swap to images I have created specifically for mobile.

Yankee Candle

This campaign was for the winter collection of Yankee Candles so I went for the snowflake affect used on their website.

This also works very well on mobile along with the rest of these email examples.


As part of the Mother & Baby brand Joie is one of our clients. Their email campaigns are frequent and they are very specific about what they are after.

We follow the brand guidelines like with every client that has them to the font, colour, images etc.