Photo by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are the bread and butter of what I design. Using most of the Adobe Suite such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate etc. A lot of the digital campaigns I am in charge of are static as well as animated.

Below is just a few examples of what I have created during my career as Digital Designer


A client have done a lot of work for for many years is ASDA. The main design work I do for them are carousels for Facebook. They are monthly campaigns advertising Price Drops, Toddle and Baby events and Roll Overs.

I create them in Photoshop with the occasional help from Illustrator with some of the drawings and then they are posted via Facebook Manager.

Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is a trendy watch and jewellery company and came to Bauer for digital and social ads. I was in charge of this campaign and created billboards and double MPUs.

The brand is very sophisticated and I wanted to create high end designs to give the feel they wanted to portray to the Grazia audience.


Mustard is a car and van insurance brand within Bauer. I have created many concepts for them one of which is to the left. The tentacle monster that I came up with showing the drama of insurance. 

Everything was created and resized in Illustrator due to the drawing being created in there after doing a few sketches.

Take a Break Bingo

One of Bauer's popular brands is Take a Break Bingo and is a campaign that keeps me very busy. There main ads are digital which include ad sizes such a double mpu, mpu, billboard, mobile billoard and then social ads for Facebook, Instagram and email banners.

Each month is a different theme and designed for the age group of 50 plus.


The NHS have a new campaign called Patient Choice which is when you can choose where you want to go for treatment.

I was tasked with creating the digital ads to go across the Bauer Media audience. This included Double MPU, MPU, Billboard and Mobile Billboard, static and animated. 

Like many of the other campaigns on this page there was a very specific brief which I followed extremely carefully whilst putting my own spin on it


Costa had a new range of Autumn drinks coming out that they wanted to advertise. The premise being to draw people away from the usual Starbucks drink of the pumpkin spice latte in the style of a classic Rom Com.

The designers at Costa had a specific brand guidelines and a design they had put together in-house. They were after static and animated ads which I used Adobe Animate for and published as a HTML5 ads.

Instagram Lives and Stories

Instagram story, social and live adverts are a big part of Mother & Baby and its clients. We regularly get guest speakers to talk on the Mother & Baby instagram so my job is to advertise that for our social media platforms.

We have a structure to follow for Mother & Baby but the design has to follow the clients style as well.


Similar to the above campaign Co-Op wanted their ads to go across the Bauer Media audiences using Billboard, Double MPU, Mobile Billboard and Newsletter Banners.

It was to promote both life term insurance and over 55 insurance. Again, another very specific brief with legal requirements as well which I had to play close attention to.